Moving With Pets!

Your pet it your family, and we all want our pets to be happy, healthy, and well taken care of. Your family pet will require extra care and attention around moving time. The process of moving and settling into your new home can be stressful for your pet, and it may take some time for your pet to adjust. Planning ahead and giving your fury friend a little extra attention will help make the process easier on you and your pet. 

We've come up with five helpful tips when it comes to moving with pets! 

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1. Make sure identification tags are up to date

Contact your vet and let them know where and when you're moving. It's important that your pet's identification tag is labeled with your new address and contact information. Make sure your pet's collar/collars and leashes are in good condition, you don't want them breaking loose on moving day! 

2. Visit / Contact your Vet

Ask your vet which mode of transportation will be most comfortable for your pet, and ask if you need any specific medications to help keep your pet stay calm while traveling. Ask for veterinarian records. If your moving far enough away you'll need a new vet, so ask for your pet's most current vaccinations and ask for any significant medical history. You can also ask for this info to be faxed to your new vet, but it's always good to have the physical copies too. 

3. Keep medications, food, and supplies on hand

Keep at least one-two weeks worth of food on hand, especially if you are traveling far by car with your pet. Keep any medications with you at all times, even if they are not taken regularly. Keep  collars, leashes, beds, food bowls, toys, and other supplies on hand while moving. This will ensure that you won't have to make last minuet trips to the pet store to gather more supplies. Make sure your pet is well fed and stays hydrated on moving day! The process will most likely be a little overwhemling for your pet, so make sure they are getting plenty of food and water. 

4. Keep your pets away from the action on moving day

Moving day is a stressful day for everyone, inculding your furry friend! Try to keep them away from the movers and action as much as possible. This will keep them from feeling frieghtened or overwhelmed. 

5. Keep your pet on a schedule

Keeping feeding times and walk times the same will help your pet adjust to their new home. Try to keep them on their regular sleep schedule as well. Try to unpack your pets items (bed, food bowls, toys...) first, to help make the new place feel more like home. 

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