The Importance of a Pre-Move Survey and Why Virtual is Better!

Every move is uniquely different, which is why the moving process can seem so challenging. No two moves are the same. To ensure that your move goes smoothly, a pre-move survey is vital to the moving process. Virtual pre-move surveys are quickly becoming the most popular way to get an estimate for your move. The benefits of a virtual survey are unprecedented, and is a great option if you are looking for a fast, efficient, less stressful move. 

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What is a Pre-Move Survey? 

A pre-move survey is a tool used to help plan out your upcoming move. Pre-move surveys take inventory of the items in your home in order to determine things like packing materials needed, amount of boxes needed, and if extra services will be needed for specialty items. Traditionally, pre-move surveys are done face to face with a representative from the moving company of your choice. This representative takes inventory of all the items in your home and gives you an estimated price for your move. With a virtual survey, a representative does not come to your home, instead, you conduct the survey yourself virtually via your mobile device. 

Why do a Pre-Move Survey? 

Pre-move surveys will help with determining the cost of your move and the amount of space needed on the truck for all of your items. It will also estimate how long the move will take. Every home is different and a pre-move survey is the most accurate way to determine the many factors of your move. 

Why is a Virtual Survey Better Than an In-Home Survey? 

Virtually surveys are all about convenience for the customer. Virtual surveys are done remotely via mobile devices, tablet, or desktop devices. Virtual surveys can be conducted at all hours of the day in every corner of the world. Trying to schedule a time for an estimator to come to your home can be difficult and inconvenient, and you might have to take time off of work, or miss other important obligations. Virtual surveys can be done whenever you have the time to do them. Virtual surveys are also more accurate in price compared to an estimator. Virtual surveys allow for an easy, stress free experience. Virtual surveys empower the customer and makes an otherwise overwhelming process a breeze. 

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