What is the price to sign up with VMT?

We do it for you: $75.00 per survey

A Full Service Survey - From start to Finish

Do it Yourself: $175.00 Per Month

We provide you with the tools that you need to perform your own video surveys for a fraction of the cost.

Do I have to sign a contract if I decide to use VMT?

No, there is no long term contract you only pay for what you use and you can cancel at anytime.


The Full service survey you have to do absolutely no work VMT will guide your customer through the app and deliver a detailed survey performed by an experienced surveyor.

The do it yourself program you will use VMT software to guide your customers through the app and use VMT tools to inventory and cube. VMT will also train you on how to perform these surveys.

How do we install VMT software to our computers?

The great thing about VMT is there is no installation process the system is in the cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime by any device by our customers. This also ensures that all information is stored safely and securely.

Do you have to be good with technology to use VMT?

No, We have made VMT platform incredibly easy to use and continue everyday to improve. Customers do not need any technical skills and will be provided with any training and customer service need to make them successful.

What is the DIFFERENCE between the unguided survey and the live two-way survey?

The unguided survey gives the customer the flexibility to do the video survey at their leisure. The video can be performed by them anytime without having to schedule an appointment. This is also a great option if the customer does not have wifi or has a bad connection.

The guided two-way live survey will require that you schedule an appointment with the customer. The customer must have good wifi but it also provides you more control to walk the customer through the house.

What security measure are in place for my customers and their information?

VMT videos are stored on Amazon S3 which has the highest level of security and encryption.

What operating systems and web browsers is VMT COMPATIBLE with ?

VMT is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems and also compatible with google chrome,internet explorer, firefox and safari. 

What do I do if the CUSTOMER has bad connection or wifi?

No problem, the customer can perform an unguided survey on their own and upload the videos whenever wifi is restored. They can also record the videos on their phones gallery and upload them later through the VMT app from their phones gallery.

Do you provide customer service?

Yes we provide customer support at all levels we are avaiable be email and phone




If you have any other questions please contact us a info@virtualmovingtechnologies.com or call (845)-579-5757